Dr Aamer Khan

MariPharm are so proud to have Dr Aamer Khan of the Harley Street Skin Clinic on board as our new Chief Cosmetics Advisor.

Dr Aamer Khan of the Harley Street Skin Clinic

Who is Dr Aamer Khan?

Dr Aamer Khan is a leading expert in cosmetic and non-surgical procedures, graduated from The University of Birmingham in 1986, Dr Khan has knowledge in diverse areas including Human Psychology, Psychiatry, Surgery and Dermatology so decided to become a full time Cosmetic Doctor in 2005 because of his love for aesthetic treatments.

As co-founder of The Harley Street Skin Clinic with his wife, Lesley Reynolds, he has dedicated the past 15 years to perfecting anti-ageing skin treatments and is the go-to advisor with a large celebrity clientele, making regular appearances on television, in newspapers and magazines.

By combining his technical skill and aesthetic vision he achieves outstanding results as well as delivering the highest possible levels of treatment and patient care.

During his career, Dr Khan has helped thousands of men and women - including injured soldiers in Afghanistan - each with a different concern, achieve their aim; to look good and feel as good as they can.

So why has Dr Khan joined the MariPharm team?

“I have been interested in the developments in the CBD arena for some time now and have seen for myself the effectiveness. However, not all CBD oils are the same, so after trial and error, I now only use MariPharm in the Clinic - I trust the brand implicitly.

“Out of all the brands we tried, MariPharm products were the purest in colour and had the best taste. It may seem a simple thing, but if patients like the taste, they will take the product.

Dr Aamer Khan of the Harley Street Skin Clinic

Dr Khan has come on board to assist in educating people on what CBD is and how it interacts with the body - from a medical professionals point of view. In addition Dr Khan will be working with MariPharm on both product and treatment development. In 2018 together we launched the UK's first CBD facial treatment at the Harley Street Skin Clinic and we look forward to expanding this offering in the future.

If you have any questions for Dr Khan please email us at customerservices@maripharm.co.uk or contact us on social media and use the hashtag #DrKhanCBD